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06 Jun 2021

Energizing Streets: A Feasible Solution for Electric Vehicles

Energy is the basic demand for the evolution of the advanced globe. The energy extracted from force is called potential energy which has visually no fuel expense. Thus, utilization of this energy can reduce the overall cost and can increase the output productivity. This project utilizes the force created from vehicle hump as an alternative and recyclable energy source. Electricity is generated by substituting the conventional speed breakers with a special one consisting of simple mechanisms. For this purpose, two generation methods are used: one is the mechanical unit and another is the piezoelectric unit. As the vehicles pass over the speed breaker, it sets about acting as they spin the rollers which are linked to a DC generator which rotates to generate electricity. A rack and pinion mechanism is provided which transfers the vertical movement to a DC generator for electricity generation. In addition, embedded piezo materials convert pressure directly into electricity. This method is an efficient resource to produce electricity as the numbers of electric vehicles on the road are increasing day by day. Likewise, the cost of manufacture of the model is low. A bypass system consisting of these units can effectively recycle the energy exerted by the vehicles and in case of electric vehicles, feeding them back with wireless power transfer method. Additionally, it can be placed at the entrance of parking lots and any other situation where traffic density usually occurs.

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