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06 Jun 2021

Design and Implementation of a Smart Surveillance and Automation System for Patients

Patient negligence and harassment have become a common phenomenon now-a-days. To reduce this incident “Smart Surveillance and Automation system for patient” have been built. The system’s aim is to provide the patient security while maintain the patient’s privacy as well as provide an automated bed at a cheap price. This surveillance system starts recording once it detects a face and it also has a facial expression recognition system installed that recognizes the caregiver’s expression. This feature can detect up to seven expressions (anger, disgust, happy, sadness, being surprised, fear and neutral). This feature allows this system to also be a performance evaluator if desired by the person hiring the caregiver. This surveillance system is built with the technology of Computer vision. Python language and its library such as numpy, keras has been used to program the detection of face and facial expression. This system also starts recording the audio if the system cannot detect a face but detects a loud noise. To provide further security it also has a panic button that can alert the patient’s relative that he is in danger. The bed that is also a part of the system can move its upper side to provide comfort for the patient. This automated bed should ease some pressure on the caregiver as the patients can do the movement with the bed by themselves. As this is a prototype model further development is needed to add new feature in order to improve this systems efficiency and fortify the security provided by the system.

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